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Count shows 0 but standard MSMQ MMC shows 1 message

first post: steveculshaw wrote: Trying the WCF sample for MSMQ Activation The response queue ......

Feature request: Add peek poison and journal queues

first post: angry wrote: Hi, thanks for this great app. It would be awesome if you would be ...

latest post: david_alexis wrote: I'll look into adding the feature.

Unable to send messages in a transactional queue

first post: Selcam wrote: Hi, Thank you for this great tool ! We have no problem using it t...

latest post: david_alexis wrote: I apologize, guys. I have not given this project any attention for...

Updated the code with some fixes and enhancements

first post: david_alexis wrote: Just checked in code for the following: Fixed The app would fail...

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