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Updated the code with some fixes and enhancements

Jun 27, 2013 at 9:34 PM
Just checked in code for the following:

  • The app would fail if the ".exe" extension was not included in the commandline (i.e msmqmng.exe <arguements>). This is no longer necessary, so the program can be run as msmqmng <arguements>.
  • Program would crash when attempting to export an empty queue.
  • New "extract" command. This is the same as "export", but removes the messages from the queue as they are read.
  • Message metadata (label, id, sent time, source machine) are now included in the <message> element as attributes.
  • Export XML is somewhat nicely formatted now with indentation.
  • The "send" command now supports both transactional and non-transactional queues. If the target queue is transactional, the messages are sent with the MessageQueueTransactionType.Single transaction option.